A Preliminary Literature Review of research studies on interventions aimed at improving Family Planning (FP) uptake and curbing complications of unsafe abortions in Nigeria revealed that although these services exist; certain factors mitigate adolescents’ access to them. In fact, adolescents’ (15-19 year olds) limited access to Family Planning (FP) and Post-Abortion Care (PAC) services in Nigeria occurs as a result of the dearth in specific services aimed at this group.

Thus, Marie Stopes International Organisation, Nigeria contracted Preston Associates for International Development to conduct a multi-method Survey in communities in six (6) states (Anambra, Benue, Edo, Kano, Lagos, and Nassarawa) and Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria. This Survey seeks to inform an Evidence-based Engagement Strategy aimed at improving 15-19 year olds’ access to Family Planning (FP) and Post-Abortion Care (PAC) services.

This Survey will be informed by a Critical Literature Review of the existing discourse on Family Planning and Post Abortion Care services in Nigeria which identified the nuances within the existing data for different geo-political zones and between different population groups, where they exist. Quantitative data will be collected using questionnaires and Focus Group Discussions and In-Depth Interviews will be conducted during the survey. Respondents for both the Qualitative and Quantitative elements of the research will be drawn from the following populations: males and females, rural and urban dwellers, in-school and out-of-school youths (15-19 year olds), Service Providers, and Parents.