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Planning and Implementation of Result-Oriented Advocacy Initiatives in PATHS2 States

PATHS 2/Options UK – DFID; July - August 2013
Preston Associates was contracted by PATHS 2/Options UK – DFID in 2013 to conduct a 2-day workshop in each of PATHS 2 focus states of Kaduna, Lagos and Enugu. The aim of the workshop was to support CSO partnerships/coalitions to develop and implement advocacy strategies and plans including messages/factsheets aimed at improving the implementation of MNCH services and other service delivery issues in PATHS2 states.
Preston Associates facilitated each of the three workshops which comprised pre and post-test, interactive, group work and plenary sessions. There were PowerPoint presentations, group assignments and opportunities for feedback. Each day was laced with team building and refresher exercises. A Pre-test evaluation was completed by participants to assess their baseline knowledge on advocacy for MNH while a post-test was conducted at the end of each workshop to assess the level of knowledge improvement among the participants following the capacity building.