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Baseline and Endline Assessment of Knowledge Awareness, Attitudes and Opinions of Nigeria Health Watch Subscribers and Key Opinion Leaders in Health

NHW; 2018 – 2020
The Nigeria Health Watch commissioned a baseline evaluation in 2018, aimed to define the benchmark for examining the changes that occurred with the Knowledge, Attitudes, Awareness and Opinion of their subscribers and readers, and to ascertain the extent to which it has influenced the audience’s understanding of health policies and programmes in Nigeria.  In 2020, an endline evaluation was commissioned to examine the areas of improvement by the NHW and to assess the level of change in the Knowledge, Attitudes, Awareness and Opinions of subscribers/ readers, that receive and or use information disseminated by NHW.
A mixed-method survey was conducted during both evaluations to explore the specific objectives. For both qualitative and quantitative components, structured questionnaires were deployed through Google® forms, to obtain responses from the targeted respondents and follow up calls were made to generate concrete qualitative responses.