The purpose for this project was inspired by the lingering fragmentation of the management structures within most State Primary Healthcare Management Boards (SPHCMBs) in Northern Nigeria. The integrated care delivery and centralized management delineated by PHC Under One Roof (PHCUOR) Guidelines and approved by the National Council of Health are yet to be fully imbibed into the existing State and LGA level PHC operational setups. Functionality of the SPHCMBs depend on the degree of alignment between their structure, policies, processes and purpose. Accurate interpretation of the policies and effective implementation of the processes are also interrelated with the Managerial Capacity and Competency of key role holders.

Thus, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contracted Preston Associates for International Development In April, 2013 to assess the organizational and management capacity required for managing the Primary Health Care Under One Roof (PHCUOR) initiative and Primary Health Care (PHC) service delivery respectively. The assessment will evaluate the organizational structure, function, and human resource capacity of State Primary Health Care Boards and Agencies (SPHCDB/As), Zonal Primary Health Care Coordinating Departments, and Local Government Area (LGA) Health Departments at National level and preselected states (Kano, Sokoto and Gombe).
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