Survey of Nigerian Women’s Knowledge of Key Health Issues: An assessment of PATHS II – Round 1 and 2 (April, 2013 and May, 2014)

The Partnership for Transforming Health Systems: Phase 2 (PATHS II) was actuated by DFID (UK) (with technical support from implementing partners) to strengthen the Primary Health Care System in Nigeria which continues to be negatively affected by factors including inadequate number of skilled health workers, fragmentation of referral systems, decaying infrastructure, sub-optimal health care financing, and poor health facility utilisation. Precisely, the PATHS II programme (through Behaviour Change Communication-BCC) sought to amongst other things; improve knowledge of the benefits of facility births, the danger signs of pregnancy, the name and location of the nearest Emergency Obstetric Care facility, as well as the home management of childhood diarrhoea. These Behaviour Change Communication efforts were undertaken in five states (Jigawa, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna and Enugu).

Thus, Mannion Daniels, UK- an implementing partner for PATHS II, contracted Preston Associates for International Development In April, 2013 to assess the effect this Behaviour Change Communication had had, if any, on the level of knowledge of the four (4) aforementioned key health issues in intervention communities. This examination constituted the first round of mini-surveys which employed a quantitative methodology.

Subsequently, a second round of surveys which also employed a quantitative methodology was conducted in May, 2014 and it involved measuring the knowledge levels of these key health issues in both intervention communities and control communities to allow conclusions to be made on the impact of the PATHS II BCC interventions.