Support to F-MNCH partners and CSO coalitions in planning & implementation of result-oriented advocacy initiatives in PATHS2 states for Options UK and DFID (July- August, 2013)

In the last decade, Accountability has been more overtly introduced into strategic planning for crucial and sensitive health care delivery, especially in developing countries. The intractable trend of maternal and newborn deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa and most especially Nigeria, has warranted the active involvement of Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations in advocacy for greater access to much needed high quality services provided by State Governments to stem this undesirable trend of high Maternal, Newborn and Child deaths in the country. This report captures the activities carried out to support selected active indigenous organizations to carry out this task in their respective states, namely Lagos, Kaduna and Enugu.

Thus Preston Associates for International Development was contracted by Options UK and DFID to support CSO partnerships/coalitions to develop and implement advocacy strategies and plans including messages/factsheets aimed at improving the implementation of MNCH services and other service delivery issues in PATHS2 States. For more information contact Options UK/DFID.